Food Allergens

Some of our dishes contain Food Allergens. If you are affected by any Food Allergens and/or are unsure of our listed Food Allergens please call 01 8011555.

Food Allergens List:

C = Celery; = Lactose; E = Eggs; F = Fish; L = Lupin; S = Sulphur Dioxide; SS = Sesame Seeds;

G = Gluten; P = Peanuts; CR = Crustaceans; SO = Soya; MO = Molluscs; MU = Mustard; N = Nuts:


Pizza Margherita G, M

Pizza Isabella G, M

Pizza Roma G, M

Pepperoni Pizza G, M, SO, MU

Vegetarian Pizza G, M

Pizza Napoli G, M, S, F

Hawaiian Pizza G, M

Pizza Pazza G, M, C, MU

Pizza Colosseo G, M, C, MU

Pizza Vesuvio G, M

Pizza Diavola G, M, C, MU

Meat Feast G, M, C, MU

Pizza Mia Special G, M C, MU, E

Pizza Caprese G, M

Crazy Fish Pizza G, M, C, F

Pizza Capricciosa G, M, S

Pizza Du Chef G, M

BBQ Chicken Pizza G, M, SO

Mexican Fajita Pizza G, M

Pizza Gamberoni G, M, C


Italian Spicy Potatoes

Italian Potatoes

Garlic Mushrooms G, M, E

Italian Focaccia

Garlic Bread G

Garlic Cheese Bread G, M

Garlic Pizza Bread G, M


Lasagna Ciociara G, C

Canneloni G, C

Penne Alla Romana G, C, M

Penne Al Salmon G, C, M, S, F

Spaghetti Bolognese G, C

Fettuccine Alfredo G, C, S

Fettuccine Alla Cacciatoro G, C, M

Spaghetti Carbonara G, C, E

Fettuccine Alla Contadina G, C, M

Penne All' Arrabbiata G,C

Gluten Free Pasta is available to order online


Caprese Salad M

Caesar Salad M, E, MU

Pasta Salad E, G, MU

Green Salad MU


Quarter Pounder SS, E, MU, G

Chicken Burger SS, E, MU, G

Doner Kebab MU, E, G

Chicken Kebab MU, E, G


Sizzling Chicken Tenders G, M

Buffalo Wings G, MU


Chicken Goujons G, MU


Garlic Sauce E, MU

BBQ Sauce G, SO

Sweet Chilli


Cookie Dough MU, E, G, SO

Strawberry Cheesecake MU, E, G, SO

Chocolate Fudge Brownie MU, E, G, SO

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